Mutual Funds, Simplified

Mutual Funds, Simplified

This course is designed to simplify and decode Mutual Funds to the most simplest way and to help investors and professionals learn about the mutual fund industry so they can cross that mental roadblock and myths about mutual fund and make their wealth grow in this fantastic financial instrument

Course content

    1. Investment Basics
    2. Composition & structure of a Mutual Fund
    3. Types of Mutual Funds- Equity, Debt, Balanced
    4. Buying/ Selling Mutual Funds- Online / offline , Direct/Under agent
    5. Mutual Fund Terms
    6. Mutual Fund charges, Taxation
    7. Mode of Entry/ Exit of a mutual fund
    8. How to choose the best mutual fund for you

This module gives a complete information on mutual fund structure, transacting, tracking and modes of transaction of a mutual Fund


30 Days