Course on Currency Trading

Course on Currency Trading

This module is designed to train the aspirant in the Practical aspects of Currency Derivative trading in India. Students, Traders, Investors, RM, Dealers, Branch manager of a stock broking company who wish to learn the deep dynamics of the Currency derivative trading system in india can take up this course

About the course

The course is divided in 6 Modules which guides the aspirant a complete PRACTICAL knowledge on Currency derivative and its options strategies

1. Decoding Currency Trading

Currency trading, currency pairs, Base and term currency, Spot and forward markets, world currency market

2. Hedging, Arbitrage, Speculation

Hedging in currency via different markets, Arbitrage technique, trend wise speculation

3. Indian Currency Markets

Exchanges, Contract specification, Future contract,  expiry, margining, lots, settlement, Currency options( call & put) specifications

4. Tracking Indian Currency Markets

Future contract, option spreads, option chain, settlement prices etc

5. Currency option strategies

Long future, long call, long put, covered call, covered put, straddle, strangle

6. Fundamental and Technicals on Currency derivatives



30 Days