Basics of Stock Market

Basics of Stock Market

This module is designed for all those First time traders/ investors who wish to learn the core PRACTICAL trading and techniques to make money and avoid losses in stock markets

87% of New investor who want to invest in the Stock markets are afraid due to LACK OF KNOWLEDGE this course acts as a bridge between the investor and markets and help him start a well educated and planned stock market journey

Course content

  1. What is Stock market,simplifying markets
  2. Financial market participants and systems
  3. Primary Markets- IPO
  4. Depository- Demat account and its operations
  5. Secondary Markets – Trading, buying/Selling, Trading limit, Short selling, stop loss, NCD, ETF etc.
  6. Index- Simplifying NIFTY and SENSEX for you
  7. Post trading- Clearing and settlement
  8. Corporate Action
  9. Market Intelligence- Teaching you to make money in markets


30 Days