Advance course on Options Strategy

Advance course on Options Strategy

This course is designed specially for all those traders, sub brokers, students and anybody who wishes to learn the deep practical dynamics of ‘ options strategising’ and earn huge even in a falling market

Course content

1. Basics of Derivative: Future and forward trading, Cash vs Derivative trading, positional short selling

2. Future trading: Contract specification, Trading , settlement, clearing, margining, Mark to market margining, RMS, open interest

3. Options trading: Call, put options, moneyness, premium calculation, intrinsic value

4. Option strategies:

Bullish- Long future, long call, short put, covered call, bull call spread, synthetic long call, bull put spread, collar, long combo,

Bearish- Long put, short call, covered put, bear put spread, bear call spread,

Volatile – long straddle, long strangle, long guts, synthetic long straddle, strap strip

Neutral – short straddle, short strangle, butterfly spreads

5. Derivative intelligence:

Open interest, PCR, Roll over, India VIX, Implied volatility, Market wide limit, OI Analysis, ROC, Do’s & Don’t’s of Derivative trading


45 Days