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Our Courses

Stock Market

  • What is Stock market,simplifying markets
  • Financial market participants and systems
  • Primary Markets- IPO
  • Depository- Demat account and its operations
  • Secondary Markets - Trading, buying/Selling, Trading limit, Short selling, stop loss, NCD, ETF etc

Equity Futures

  • Need of Derivatives
  • Forward Contracts
  • Basics of Derivatives
  • Future Segment trading, simplified
  • Trade payoff- Calculation of profit/loss
  • Expert Trading strategies

Options Trading

  • Need of Options
  • Basics of options
  • Options Moneyness
  • Options Trading
  • Options payoff
  • LIVE tracking of options prices
  • ROI of future vs options

Commodity Trading

  • Basics of commodity trading
  • Need of commodity trading
  • Commodity participants
  • Types of commodities
  • Contract specification , lot size and Trading
  • Trading strategies

Currency Trading

  • Decoding Currency Trading
  • Hedging, Arbitrage, Speculation
  • Indian Currency Markets
  • Tracking Indian Currency Markets
  • Currency option strategies
  • Fundamental and Technicals on Currency derivatives

Technical Analysis

  • Basics of Technical Analysis
  • Trend Analysis and types of Trends
  • DOW Theory and its use in Indian Markets
  • Technical patterns and their application
  • Technical Indicators

Option Strategies

  • Basics of Derivative
  • Future trading
  • Options trading
  • Option strategies
  • Derivative intelligence
  • ...

Mutual Funds

  • Investment Basics
  • Composition & structure of a Mutual Fund
  • Types of Mutual Funds- Equity, Debt, Balanced
  • Buying/ Selling Mutual Funds- Online / offline , Direct/Under agent
  • ...

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